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February’s Designer of the Month is Zen Creations and Honey sat down to have a chat with the owner and designer, Zhoie Zimermann who has been a part of SL  for 4 years and 9 months.

Zhoie Zimermann

Question:  Why and when did you decide to build?

Answer:  I decided to build because I had a successful store in the “Sims Online” game before coming to Second Life. When the Sims Online game closed I came here, to Second Life, and the interest to build again began to creep up on me. Within about 1 month of joining Second Life I started building furniture for my new business, Zen Creations. I have been building in Second Life for 4 years and 8 months.

ZC 1

Question:  What is your style of building?

Answer:  I don’t really have a style of building. Having my own business I need and want to build all styles of furniture that will appeal to all types of people. This gives my customers a variety to choose from and ensures they are able to find styles that interest them.

ZC 2

Question:  What is important for you to offer your customers and do you participate in hunts,events etc?

Answer:  Customer service is of UTMOST importance to me. It is my motto that all Zen Creations products are fully backed and worry free. I treat my customers with respect, and regardless of how big my business has grown, am always very thankful for the people that shop and buy my products. I always offer gifts to my members as a thanks to them. I often participate in Hunts and events.

ZC 3

Question:  What are you looking forward to see in the future of your builds?

Answer:  I look forward to reaching my goal of creating every style of furniture that could be available and then some.

ZC 4

Check out some of Zhoie’s wonderful designs and creations and then hop over to Zen Creations to check them out for yourself.

ZC 5

ZC 6

Fab4 Time Again

Yes, it is Fab4 time again and you know that that means?  YES!  It means you get awesome items at a fraction of their value.  In fact you get awesome items for only 40L!  I know, right!  I am pretty excited about this line-up because we have a real range of items so there is bound to be something for everyone.

Fab4 begins on Friday, so make sure you have your wallets on hand for this one.  Grab this taxi to Fab4.

fab4 poster 3b

First up is the great Plate Rack from Dreamscapes Art Gallery.  Imagine this in your SL kitchen to add a touch of class!  Is also copy so you can place as many of these around your kitchen to have a real homestyle look.

_Plate Rack_ - Dreamscapes Art Gallery

Next is this house…yes, you heard me right…a house for 40L from Persnickity.  This fab beachhouse at only 80 prims is perfect for your beachside land and comes with all you see in the pics.  WOW!

Fab4Texture from Persnickity copy

L’aize Dayz presents this gorgeous Rustic Al Fresco Set in white.  Picture yourself supping tea or coffee in your backyard with a friend.  Lovely way to end a day in SL.  This set will have you longing for spring and long warm days in the sunshine.

ld rustic al fresco set - white2

These items from Lumiere are not your run-of-the-mill, but are visually stunning.  relax in your chair under your wall light and read a book or take a nap.

Lumiere Fab 4 Ad Sheet for January 20

This lovely couch from Laura’s Garden almost has an Aztec vibe going on and would look lovely against terracotta tiles, as in the picture, or in your adobe or hacienda styled home.

mesh couch -Lauras Garden -Laura Azalee copy

Honey from PrimTique (formerly Lustre Designs) sent me this pic and a copy to review and told me to bake her up something.  I told her that my baking is reserved for muffins, with lemon being my specialty.  But, you could look very pro in your SL kitchen with this mixer adorning the bench!

Primtique Electric Mesh Mixer Stand Advert -Honey Lustre

And for you shabby chic nuts out there, check out this GORGEOUS table and accessories from Spargel and Shine Homes.  As the ad says, it would be perfect from your ‘country home, greenhouse’ or deck.  A real stunner.

Shabby Commode Garden Vignette Vendor jpg

Tea anyone?  Imagine this sweet set from ~Inspired~  in your garden or gazebo, or even on your porch or in the glasshouse.  Really a set that could be used indoors or out.  Just find a great spot to entertain a guest and enjoy a nice tea together.

~_~ Inspired ~_~ Whimsey Tea Set for Fab4

It is F-A-B!

fab4 poster 3b

It is time for the Fab4 Sales Event again and that means that this time 6 fabulous home and garden designers will be releasing new or updated items for only 40L for 4 days.   Whew!  How exciting.

And we have some more FABULOUS items for you to enjoy!  Here is of what is on offer this time round!  Make sure you get over there ASAP so you don’t miss out on these great bargains.

Lustre Designs - Yougotbutterflies Shabby Tabby - Pretty Girl Table Percent - Nash Chair and Footstool L'aize Dayz - Modern Desk Set Creations Kitchen - BBQ Grill ~_~ Inspired ~_~ Key To My Heart Bench Set Ad

The Home and Garden Market will be bringing you a new sales event starting in 2013 – the Fab4 Sales Event!    10 fabulous home and garden designers will be releasing new or updated items for only 40L for 4 days.   The event will be held every 2 weeks at the  Home and Garden Market and as part of our Winter Fair we are bringing you a preview of this new sale event.

From 7 – 10 December you can buy these new or updated items for only 40L as part of your Christmas shopping!  Here are some sneak peeks of whats on offer!


These wonderful items are out now at the Home and Garden Market – look for the Fab4 Sales Event spot!


Yay for yummy Christmas home and garden stuffies. 🙂



Home and Garden Market Winter Fair Poster

The Home and Garden Market has had a snowy makeover for the winter season, and to celebrate the festivities we have some fabulous events for everyone!

Our 10L Sales Spot has been updated with some great Christmas/Winter themed home and garden items, so many surprises, what will your mystery purchases be? Teleport to the Mystery Sales Spot now.

Our pretty, wintry sim is full of fantastic photo opportunities, fun and frolics including a fabulous ice rink for everyone to enjoy.  Take a stroll through the snow and visit our fabulous selection of approved Home and Garden Market designers.

Home and Garden Market Winter Fair Hunt

We’re also delighted to announce the launch of our latest Market Hunt! Another grid wide 0L hunt, providing a brilliant array of festive and seasonal home and garden items.  What better way to get your SL home ready for Christmas? Check out our gift gallery, hint list and store SLURLs below 🙂


1. Marmalade Jam –  A little bit nutty.

2. L’aize Dayz – Touch of fruit on the back deck.

3. Lustre Designs – Where Santa sits.

4. Inspired – An apple a day keeps you on Santa’s Nice List!

5. Dreamscapes Art Gallery – Please click the Hint Giver Easel at the hunt sign.

6. Creations Kitchen –  On a ledge, you will see, as I sit and look, out at the tree.

7. Chic Buildings – Now that does NOT look like an apple tree!

8. Nadeau Shoppe – Even in winter, the fish still swim.

9. Laura’s Garden – In a forest of Christmas trees…  is there a better place for a Christmas apple?

10. Lumiere – Christmas Lights, Bright Lights, Look for the Snow, and you’re good to go.

11. Shabby Tabby –  Find a cozy spot to curl up after you wrap all the gifts!

12. Thaino Designs – I’m dreaming of a pink christmas.

13. Spargel & Shine – Brr, it’s cold – but I do like the view.

14. Bearsfoot Beaches – Click hint giver poster at the landing.

15. Bear Mountain Homes – At least there isn’t any gum stuck under here.

16. %Percent – Don’t get incensed. You’ll find your match.

17. Beach Street – Save me.

18. Lottie Garden & Home – Beatrice lives in the old townhall. She will know. It helps if you bring some kibble.

19. Pixel Creations – Find the reindeer and you will find what you’re seeking.

20. Pillows and Things – I think Santa would like to have some apple cider with his COOKIES can you please see if there is any in the Pitcher?

21. Kaerri – Hidden with the nuts?

22. Persnickity – It’s a sign.

As always the item you’re hunting for is a delicious red apple. Happy hunting!


Welcome to the second annual Winter Fair at the Home and Garden Market 🙂

We’re excited to be presenting a catalog of festive events including a grid wide hunt, showcasing the wonderful talent of our Home and Garden Market Designers, both established stores and some newer ones you may not have discovered yet!

The hunt will provide festive themed home and garden items in plenty of time for the most wonderful time of year. Don’t forget to stay tuned to our blog for details on our other events throughout December.

If you’re interested in taking part in our latest hunt, please TP here, click the poster for a short application form and drop it on Katy Glendevon before November 25th.

Happy Holidays!
Katy Glendevon & the Home and Garden Market

Hi Guys!

The Skeleton Hunt is now underway on the fabulous Home and Garden Market sim. Hint list is below, get hunting for those creepy skeleton parts and pick up some fabulous, free goodies for your SL home 🙂

All stores on the sim have a skeleton piece hidden inside (or outside!) except one (see below), so take a stroll, discover some new gems of stores and pick up some great new pieces for free!

1. Marmalade Jam – No one knows what goes on behind closed doors.

2. %Percent Furniture & Lighting – The bones are in the main box.

3. L’aize Dayz – Roasting in the fire.

4. Lustre Designs – I don’t think he caught a fish!

5. Thaino Designs – I really must do my laundry.

6. Spargel & Shine – Now where did I leave my _ _ _oire?

7. Beach Street Home and Garden – Freshly squeezed.

8. L’aize Dayz – Down by the boat.

9. Dreamscapes Art Gallery – Mmmmh yummy, I love croissants!

10. Creations Kitchen – I rest my achin’ bones on a plank made of wood.  Come on back!

11. Shabby Tabby – I’ll be ready for the funeral.

12. Nik Naks – Skip.