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February’s Designer of the Month is Zen Creations and Honey sat down to have a chat with the owner and designer, Zhoie Zimermann who has been a part of SL  for 4 years and 9 months.

Zhoie Zimermann

Question:  Why and when did you decide to build?

Answer:  I decided to build because I had a successful store in the “Sims Online” game before coming to Second Life. When the Sims Online game closed I came here, to Second Life, and the interest to build again began to creep up on me. Within about 1 month of joining Second Life I started building furniture for my new business, Zen Creations. I have been building in Second Life for 4 years and 8 months.

ZC 1

Question:  What is your style of building?

Answer:  I don’t really have a style of building. Having my own business I need and want to build all styles of furniture that will appeal to all types of people. This gives my customers a variety to choose from and ensures they are able to find styles that interest them.

ZC 2

Question:  What is important for you to offer your customers and do you participate in hunts,events etc?

Answer:  Customer service is of UTMOST importance to me. It is my motto that all Zen Creations products are fully backed and worry free. I treat my customers with respect, and regardless of how big my business has grown, am always very thankful for the people that shop and buy my products. I always offer gifts to my members as a thanks to them. I often participate in Hunts and events.

ZC 3

Question:  What are you looking forward to see in the future of your builds?

Answer:  I look forward to reaching my goal of creating every style of furniture that could be available and then some.

ZC 4

Check out some of Zhoie’s wonderful designs and creations and then hop over to Zen Creations to check them out for yourself.

ZC 5

ZC 6


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